Cheyenne was hit with what the National Weather Service is calling a "historic" winter storm over the week.

Almost 31 inches of snow fell, closing schools, governmental offices, and even the Wyoming Legislature.

So what did you think of the City of Cheyenne's response to the blizzard?

Comments on social media seemed to range from "I think they did a really good job considering what they were faced with" to "What response? They didn't do anything!"

So what do you think? We'll publish the results of our poll in a few days.



Pictures From Wyoming Snowpocalypse 2021

After two days and 30-odd inches of sow, southeast Wyoming was left buried. An in the grand tradition of every generation since the invention of the camera, we took pictures of the snow.

The Blizzard of March 2021 covered up our driveways, fences, and in some cases porches. It trapped up in our homes and canceled our plans.

Here's a quick look around the Cheyenne area from Sunday (March 14) and Monday (March 15).

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