We all love our state and the great things that come with it. The scenery is amazing, the people are so nice and friendly, and there is so much space around that the entire state feels luxurious. But then, there are also plenty of things that others might have to say about the least populated state in the union.

There's a chance that you may have seen a traditional bit that 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' typical does. It is called 'Mean Tweets', where celebrities typically make cameo appearances to read mean tweets about themselves. While we don't any celebrities to read the tweets, we can certainly show you what others tweet when they are poking fun about our state. So here we go...

James really has it in for our college football team apparently.

This was supposed to be a diss on the Los Angeles Clippers, but hey, we will certainly take an NBA team here. How does the Cheyenne Clippers sound?

Typical shot at our lack of population.

Apparently someone is not a fan of the brown and yellow color scheme.

We certainly exist. We just prefer those with better names on Twitter.

Again, we will gladly take the Los Angeles Clippers! Whose idea was this? If they read this, can I be your friend?

I don't know if we're going to do any worse than this for the week. So let's just leave it at that. There were certainly more harsh not-so-nice tweets about our state, but I prefer to post things with reader-friendly language.

Regardless, we all know what we have with our state and it's almost flattering that we're thought of this much to call us out. Thanks, Twitter! In the meantime, we'll keep being awesome in here in Wyoming!

Code Of The West: Wyoming State Code of Ethics

"The Code of the West" was declared the official state code of Wyoming, and the act was signed into law on March 3rd, 2010. Wyoming is the first state to adopt a code of ethics. The legislation chose ten ethics derived from the book "Cowboy Ethics" by James P. Owen

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