Wyoming highways will not be an option for folks hauling oversize or overweight loads for the three days surrounding the total solar eclipse coming up in just a few weeks.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol posted on their Facebook page Tuesday, saying oversized loads cannot travel through the state from Sunday, Aug. 20 through Tuesday, Aug. 22 -- even with a permit in hand.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to travel to Casper, Jackson and other areas of Wyoming which lie on or near the center line, where the effects of the eclipse will be most pronounced and last the longest.

The influx of people is expected to clog 911 dispatch centers, fill up hotels -- many of which are already sold out, and have been for some time -- and overload cellular phone networks.

The Patrol reminds people to be prepared for distracted drivers during the eclipse and the few days prior. The Wyoming Eclipse Festival is set for Aug. 17-22.

Traffic volumes are expected to create travel congestion, particularly along I-25. The Patrol also says food and fuel could be limited, so folks will need to plan accordingly before traveling through eclipse territory.

As always, parking along highways is not permitted -- Wyoming's roadways are not appropriate places from which to view the eclipse.

The Patrol encourages those wishing to view the eclipse to arrive early and stay late in order to avoid anticipated traffic congestion.

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