Cheyenne is getting a new sandwich shop franchise coming to town in the near future. And it's one of the most popular sandwich shop chains throughout the entire country.

The capital city has been anticipating some new restaurant chains making their way to town for awhile and one of those is finally coming. The well known sub sandwich franchise Firehouse Subs is coming to Cheyenne based on the information it shows on its website.

The location will be at 3901 E. Pershing Blvd, Unit C. In case you are not wanting to have to use Google Maps to see where exactly that is, it will be in the same block as Qdoba Mexican Eats, Dog Haus, as well as across from Dazbog Coffee's location off Pershing Blvd.

Firehouse Subs via Twitter
Firehouse Subs via Twitter

While it is not confirmed as of yet when the new Firehouse Subs will be open in the capital city, if you Google 'Firehouse Subs' in Cheyenne, it indicates that May 1st is when the new location in Cheyenne will open. However, there is not currently another source to confirm that.

As I've mentioned previously, in the article titled 'Cheyenne Wants These 24 Restaurants According to Facebook', Firehouse Subs was at the top of that list and it has quite the menu of both hot and cold subs, along with being well known for its catering. In case you haven't seen it just yet, click here to see what their expansive menu looks like.

So we know that Cheyenne is most certainly getting a Firehouse Subs off Pershing Blvd. However, we're not sure exactly when. But all the same, a new sub shop franchise is on its way to the capital city. We'll definitely take it.

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