This might be news to you if you work in the oil fields around Casper, but there's a new report that claims that is where the highest pay is.

I saw this shared by the Wall Street Journal. Some of the juicy details are hidden behind a subscription sign-in, but the first few lines I can see indicate they have a study of some of the biggest companies and how much they pay their workers.

The report says that the typical oil field worker's pay is around $200,000. Is that true around Casper? That sounds insane to me.

I don't mean to question the numbers that the Wall Street Journal shared, but it doesn't agree with the top 15 jobs from CNBC. The highest oil field job listed (petroleum engineer) comes in at #12 averaging just over $120,000.

Investopedia has a newer list for 2019 and has petroleum engineers at over $150,000. It's obvious I need a petroleum engineer as a friend.

If you work in the oil industry in our area, please confirm or deny if these numbers are correct. If you work in the Casper oil fields, maybe you need to ask for a raise.

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