The Natrona County School District has set make-up time for the three days that schools were closed for snow days in the past two weeks, Superintendent Mike Jennings said Monday.

The make-up days are June 9-11.

The district declared snow days on March 11, and March 15 and 16, Jennings said during the district's board of trustees work session.

The district had schools begin two hours later on March 17 when a lot of snow was still on the streets, but that day counted as a full and not snow day, Jennings said.

District officials had to consider several issues about extending the school year, he said.

State law requires districts to have 175 "student contact" days and 185 days for teachers and staff in schools, Jennings said.

Jennings said a committee had considered making school days longer from late April to until the end of the school year so added days would not be needed he said.

But that would require approval by the State Board of Education.

Another problem would be that bus drivers and cafeteria workers would not be paid for three days, so that would not work, Jennings said.

So the days will be tacked on the end of the regular school year, which is Tuesday, June 8.

Students will come back on Wednesday and Thursday June 9 and 10.

On Friday, June 11, students would have a half-day.

If inclement weather forces another snow day, teachers could do virtual classroom instruction with students at home, Jennings said.

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