The Big Mosquito Control Corporation will hold it's annual meeting at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 25 at the Big Laramie Fire Station at 2004 Hwy 230.

If you are a land owner or home owner in the designated spray area bounded by C&S Tractor on Hwy 230 to the east, the Big Hollow west to Lake Hattie on the north, Woods Landing on the west, and the Laramie River to Sand Creek on the south, you are encouraged to attended to insure that your property is included.

Guest speakers from Albany County Weed and Pest and the City of Laramie will report on the current status of mosquito surveillance program methods of mosquito control.

Tentative spray dates will be announced and members are encouraged to bring their assessment fees.

For more information contact Ron Blake at (307) 745-9521 or John Wetstein at (307) 742-8734.

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