Golfers at the Shooting Star Golf Course in Jackson Hole had an extra water hazard to contend with this weekend. Yesterday, Buckrail posted this video of a bull moose swimming in a pond outside the 18th hole.

Moose on the loose are a familiar sight for golfers in Cheyenne. In 2016, a bull moose was spotted on the golf course at the Little America Resort. A similar incident occurred in 2007 when a family of three moose spent several hours on the Little America course, roaming the first three holes and swimming in the pond.

Last summer, Cheyenne Police chased off a moose west of the city. In 2014, another moose was tranquilized on the lawn outside the Wyoming Supreme Court and State Capitol. Several downtown streets were closed while the moose was loaded onto a trailer and relocated.

Luckily, the bull moose in Jackson this weekend didn't attack any of the golfers. Earlier this year, a moose chased two players off the fairway on a course in Park City, Utah.

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