A little dog with a GIANT heart and will to survive has had quite the adventure in the Maroon Bells wilderness after getting lost during a hike back on June 18 on the Capitol Creek Ditch Trail with its owners, Jim and Betsy Chaffin along with a couple of other dogs and extended family.

According to the Aspen Times, the little cockapoo had gone ahead of the others and suddenly got turned around and become lost. That's when Bella, the miracle dog's exhilarating and exhausting journey began.

She was reunited with her people exactly four weeks to the day and while not seriously injured, Bella had been stuck with some porcupine quills, lost half of her weight (she went from 8 pounds to 4 pounds) and was understandably frightened and extremely tired...but what an incredible story of survival, right?

After realizing at the end of their hike that day that Bella wasn't with them, they went back to look for her to no avail. They returned to the trail the next day...and no Bella.

After a few days, they just figured a coyote grabbed Bella and they would never see their beloved dog again.

However...on day 10 hope sprung after an Aspen resident was hiking with his wife. They spotted a small, white dog getting a drink. They attempted to approach the dog, but it took off running.

After hearing about this, Betsy decided to put more missing dog posters around the area and that turned out to be VERY beneficial as Rosario Ochoa saw the poster, and on July 17, he spotted a little white dog along the road that he suspected was Bella...and it was.

The man was able to round up Bella, call the number on her tags and the rest is warm and fuzzy history.

After leaving a message for the Chaffins, they were reunited with Bella who went nuts when she saw her people for the first time in over a month.

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