Let me just start by saying life is hard and that includes relationships. The pandemic certainly hasn't made getting along any easier. There's a brand new study that proves this point as it shows Mills and Bar Nunn as having among the highest divorce rates in Wyoming.

You can thank Roadsnacks for this lovely ranking. Yes, that's sarcasm. It's called "Cities in Wyoming With the Highest Divorce Rates". Before I share the results, here's the exact wording of how they came up with their list. That's always the key thing to check when you see any type of internet ranking:

Specifically, we looked at the 2015-2019 American Community Survey specifically table S1201 -- Marital Status. Pretty straight forward on that front -- we just had to extract the following column of data: Population 15 Years and Over -> Divorced

Based on those metrics, Mills comes in at #2 with a staggering divorce rate of 13%. Yikes. Bar Nunn is #4 in the state with a split-up rate of 8%. I have so many friends with families in both Mills and Bar Nunn I find it hard to believe that the numbers could be that high, but it's also true that I don't get out much.

What Wyoming city is #1 in "let's go find a lawyer and get divorced"? Congratulations, Pinedale. Your 21% divorce rate wins (or maybe loses) the day.

On the positive side, this does give me an excuse to share some Tammy Wynette with you.

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