Matt Burkhart came into the Laramie Live studio to talk about his campaign for house district 14.

You can watch the full video below:

From his website, Matt states:

"Matthew believes that volunteering and service are an essential part of belonging to a community.  He is a volunteer firefighter and EMT for one of the volunteer fire departments in Albany County and is a member of Albany County's volunteer search and rescue organization.  Matthew volunteers for Wyoming State Parks outreach and trail maintenance activities.  He is an active member of his church...

Matthew strongly believes that representing Albany County as a Representative in the Wyoming State Legislature is truly a public service and is a duty that must be exercised with humility and fidelity.  Together with their elected representatives, residents of Albany County and Laramie have a shared responsibility for building a stronger community and a prosperous Wyoming."

For more information on Matt and his campaign, you can visit his website here. To reach out to him, you can email him at

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