As school is approaching, a few residents of Laramie are trying to aid students in preparing for classes in the COVID-19 era.

A Facebook group called Mask Drive for Albany County is asking for donations of masks to give to students this fall. Their goal is to gain 4,000 masks of varied sizes to make sure that kids in Albany County School District #1 have the masks which they need for school.

The Laramie Women's Club has been helping this group as well.

People can make a donation at the ACSD#1 office at 1948 Grand Ave or can contact the group via Facebook messenger to set up a pick up for them.

Along with the 4,000 masks for students, they are also asking for 75 child-sized masks to be used for Headstart.

They also have a special request for masks with a clear window for students who rely on lip-reading or need to see mouths for communication.

They are also hoping to get local businesses involved in the donations, be it donating the ones that they are already selling or buying them and donating them in their name.

For more information about the group and how you can help, please visit their Facebook page here.

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