Cheyenne mayoral candidate Marian Orr spoke on KGAB radio Monday about a 2013 DUI arrest and conviction in Casper.

Orr says she has never tried to hide the incident, speaking about it often with friends and family and during her campaign, adding she thinks the incident is a ''very important, legitimate issue."

She says the day of her arrest she had been busy with business meetings all day long and hadn't eaten anything. She says after a busy day she met with some colleagues and had a couple of glasses of wine over about an hour or so.

She says she got in her car  and was driving towards her parents' house in Casper when her cellphone went off, distracting her a she was driving.

She says she missed a turn and hit a parked car. She says when a police officer arrived on the scene she told him where she had been and that she had been drinking alcohol, adding "I didn't think I would be impaired."

Orr says she took a breathalyzer test at the police station and blew "just over" the legal limit for intoxication in Wyoming (which is .08 blood alcohol content under state law). Orr says she doesn't know her exact BAC reading, other than it wasn't much higher than what is defined as intoxicated under state law,

She says she was then arrested.

Orr says she was contacted by prominent attorneys and friends of her family offering to help with the case and "make it go away." But she says she turned them down, feeling she had to own up to what happened.

Orr says she paid a fine and served a sentence that included community service and random drug testing. She says she had ti drive to Casper every month to meet with the judge in her case.

Of her experience she says ''I wouldn't recommend it to anyone,'' but adds she hopes others can learn from it.

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