Marc Homer announced that he would be running for state representative for House District 13.

Below is his official statement regarding his campaign:

"I’m Marc Homer.  Join me in my campaign for House District 13.

Throughout the campaign, I will work diligently to earn your vote, listening to your concerns and incorporating your ideas into a legislative agenda that reflects the interests of our community.   I bring years of experience to the table as an educator and policy advocate with a record of championing healthcare expansion, quality education, justice reform, and environmental protection.  As your representative at the legislature in Cheyenne, I will demonstrate complete dedication in working to improve the long-term sustainable outlook for our community.

"I am grateful to have grown-up here and raised my family in Laramie, ours is a close-knit community with  friendly people, a top-notch University, vibrant business community, and gateway to the great outdoors.  I attended Laramie schools, earned bachelor degrees in Psychology and American Studies, and a Masters in Public Administration at UW.  Currently, I serve on the City of Laramie Planning Commission.  Through compassion, neighborliness, and cooperation we must bond together in common cause to ensure our community emerges from the current crisis stronger and more resilient.

"These challenging times require leaders who rely on scientific evidence for guidance, work to strengthen the safety net and the rights of workers, protect the environment, and build a new economy that responds to the realities we all are facing in our complex world. We are at an inflection point in our state that requires wise leadership and creative solutions.  Together, our movement will bring out the best in Wyoming people and we will lead our state toward a brighter future.  I invite you to join me as I campaign for the opportunity to represent our community at the Wyoming Legislature."

Visit and sign up in a show of support or make a contribution. 
His Facebook page can be found here: 
Campaign email:
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