A Laramie man accused of crashing his pickup into display vehicles at Laramie GM Auto Center in January will spend time in prison after pleading no contest to two misdemeanors in Albany County Circuit Court.

Joseph Lynn Hemme, 25, was on probation at the time of the crash for two prior convictions on charges of felony burglary and felony accessory to aggravated burglary after the fact.

As a result of Hemme’s no contest pleas, District Court Judge Jeffrey Donnell revoked Hemme’s probation in the previous matters Feb. 17 and imposed prison sentences of three to six years and five to eight years to be served concurrently with credit for 401 days served.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Castor sentence Hemme Wednesday to 180 days in jail for DUI and 120 days in jail for reckless driving, to be served concurrently. The Albany County Attorney’s office previously moved to dismiss charges of unlawful use of a toxic substance and driving without a license.

Castor ordered Hemme to pay $10,168.65 in restitution to Laramie GM Auto Center. Castor said Hemme could make the payments in periodic installments.

Hemme remains in custody pending transfer to Wyoming Department of Corrections custody.

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