So, you got conned into hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, huh? I get it, as someone who doesn't like a bunch of people in my house I feel for ya.

And I understand that you are probably too nice of a person to just outright cancel Thanksgiving dinner. So, what to do?

How about getting a little passive-aggressive? I have an idea that requires very little prep, will get you guests out the door quick, and guarantee that you will never again have to host Thanksgiving, or any holiday, dinner. Let's make the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever.

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First, you'll need an appetizer.

When dinner is served, a side of macaroni and cheese will be good.

And of course, the main course: Turkey!

With a nice garnish.

And finish with a traditional dessert.

And there you go, the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever. The disappointment will only last a day, but not being asked to ever host again will last a lifetime.

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