I know we all have Cheyenne Frontier Days on the brain, but we're just over a month away from Edge Fest taking over Civic Commons Park in Cheyenne on August 27th. And if you forgot or have been deep in hiding, the headliner for the show is Tones And I. She is for sure going to make everyone get up and dance.

If you can't wait for that FREE show coming up next month, then hold on to your hats(that's a CFD cowboy hat joke, timely, I know) because Tones and I just released a new song that she was featured on with Macklemore. The new track is called Chant.

You can check out the music video for the song.

Don't call it a comeback for Macklemore, he's been here the whole time. That's kind of what he says in the song, but not really. He does touch on people saying he disappeared. While he's dropping some pretty heavy lyrics throughout, the addition of Tones and I makes this song perfect. It has the great makeup for a hip-hop song with a female artist involved.

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I really like this song, it has a great feel for wanting to hear it in your mix during the summer. This is good because the more you listen to it, the more you'll be ready to hear Tones and I next month.

Are you excited about Edge Fest? Again, it's coming up on August 27th at Civic Commons Park in Cheyenne and it's FREE.

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