I am a bit partial to Cody, Wyoming.

Not just because of its beautiful location, though I think we can all agree that Park County is one of the most beautiful spots in our state.

My husband's family has lived in that area for many generations and I myself lived there for a Semester in college.

The Southfork is a beautiful area outside of Cody with lots of phenomenal properties.

As I started looking through the details I was shocked to see that this property also included the historic "Cody Cabin".

The main house is a must-see for anyone into vintage Western Home Decor, and the views off the porch are stunning.

How fun was that?

The cat and dog wallpaper was so unexpected, and those vintage red leather couches are amazing.

I can just see someone curled up in a blanket with a fire blazing in that ginormous fireplace, enjoying the gorgeous views out the windows.

In case you were wondering the price for this property is 3.25 million, and frankly, I think that's actually pretty reasonable for all that you get.

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