This place may be on par with some big metro areas.

In case you haven't noticed, real estate has been unbelievable lately. Homes are selling at full asking price or higher. In fact, that asking price has become the minimum in these price wars.

Home have also been selling very quickly. Many buyers don't have time to waste when it comes to putting in an offer on a home they love. Some of my real estate friends have also said that unless you're coming in with cash, don't be too hopeful.

Talk about a seller's market.

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I would even go so far as to say that these home prices are making it difficult to live in a small town.

Recently, LendingTree conducted a study to determine which towns have become the most expensive to live in.

Specifically, they looked at towns with populations between 10,000-50,000 people. Of the towns on their list, some homes are nearly as expensive as those found in major metro areas across the US. As someone who grew up in a small town (of 1,200 people), I find this hard to believe.

Jackson found itself in the top 10, coming in at number three.

Jackson's population is 34,706. The median household income is just under $81,427. However, the median home value is $549,800. LendingTree determined that is a 6.75 "home value-to-income ratio."

That happens to be comparable to San Diego, California.

San Diego's median home value is $563,700. Their home value-to-income ratio is 7.14. In other words, if you are living in Jackson right now, you are living like someone in in sunny Southern California... minus the beach.

How crazy is that?

Here's a list of the most expensive towns in the US:

10. Los Alamos, New Mexico
9. Easton, Maryland
8. Juneau, Alaska
7. Hood River, Oregon
6. Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada
5. Hailey, Idaho
4. Steamboat Springs, Colorado
3. Jackson, Wyoming
2. Breckenridge, Colorado
1. Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

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