In our small town Laramie, things happen, which makes it exciting but nothing 'toooo' crazy happened, which, is pretty good. Well, maybe the major power outage we had was pretty crazy. As we wrap up our second week of August, let's see some of the things that happened this past week in Laramie. In case you were too busy the past week and missed some things.

Jeffrey's Bistro's closure

Wait what? Jeffrey's Bistro is closing? Yes... and no. They are closed for a while for a bit of a remodeling project. They will be back with a new name and menu in September. So keep an eye out!



Major Power Outage in Laramie on Tuesday

Some parts of Laramie were not affected by this major power outage but most were. Were you affected? Hoping not much stuff had to go to waste due to this!


Wyoming's losing Bob Beck to New York

Have you heard? Wyoming Public Radio news director, Bob Beck is retiring in October and will be moving to New York. I hope fans are not too upset. He has done so much for Wyoming. Come visit us sometime Bob!


Mark Young was appointed as Interim State Fire Marshal

Young replaces Mike Reed, who is retiring after six years as the state fire marshal.


Wyoming's three fires burning across the state

Wyoming is having a 'passionate' summer. Here are all three of Wyoming's fires in an overview.


Best Places to Get Desserts in Laramie

Here are some of the best places to get desserts in Laramie, Wyoming.

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