A new business has made its way to Downtown Laramie. Located next to Thai Spice is the Boba Cafe.

After the owner of Tyme Tattoo passed away nearly a year ago, Thai Spice owners Ladda and Matt McCune contemplated taking over the empty space. The asked their employees about ideas for the space. It was suggested to turn the empty space into a cafe to give students a quiet place to study and hang out.

"We would like to have a little cafe, a quiet place to sit down hang out" said Ladda.

Because there are already a few coffee shops downtown, Matt said that he knew "from the start" that they would want to open a boba tea cafe, since the closest one was located in Cheyenne

Business has been off to a quick start, Matt says. He also noted that he was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who have come in to try it. For those that are not quite as adventurous, the cafe also offers espresso drinks and coffee.

For more information about the cafe and its hours, call (307) 460-9221 or visit their Facebook page.

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