This Sunday October 21st at the Hilton Garden Inn and U.W. Conference Center Wyoming Weddings will present: The Laramie Bridal Expo Fall Edition. Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, wedding dress, hair stylist, flowers, or a wonderful photographer to capture it all Laramie is the destination for you.
In the spirit of love we chose to highlight a fall day in Laramie. Mountain Valley Bridal had a beautiful princess gown for Kit. Tom’s sophistication was perfect in a Mountain Valley tuxedo Next we went to visit Fresh Flower Fantasy. Kit’s bouquet was incredible; Ruth incorporated stunning fall colors and textures to create an amazing bouquet as well as great accent for Tom. Just 15 minutes away from Downtown Laramie Vedauwoo was the perfect location to capture our bride’s splendor. Then it was off to join Tom for some romantic photographs in the Laramie Valley. Ladies, Kit’s breathtaking ring came from Alexander’s Fine Jewelry.
If you are looking for an incredible wedding experience and have any questions come visit us at the Laramie Bridal Expo this Sunday from 1-4pm. Not able to attend? Feel free to call Anne at Ludwig Photography 745-7388 or visit our downtown studio at 224 Ivinson Ave.

Photograph, Ludwig Photography
Photograph, Ludwig Photography

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