This is a bit of a surprise, billed as Laramie's only "Wine, cocktail, and tapas bar" Cask 307 has closed its doors and is currently looking for a new buyer to take over its business.

Cask 307 really was/is a one-of-a-kind type of business in Laramie and it's a shame that they're closing. It's one of those places around town where you want to meet up with friends, have business associates after-hours meetings and bring friends and family from out of town. Not many places have the features that Cask 307 has and let's hope that they're able to find someone soon to take the mantle.

Food-wise, the menu was very affordable, and they had plenty of appetizers to share among your group with the price point being 12 dollars and under. Which, is kind of the point. Get a group of people, split several appetizers and let the wine flow.

I guess the real question, now that we know they're looking for a buyer, what would you want moving into the location? The same thing? A similar spot to what they have now with a twist or two? Or, maybe something completely different?

No matter what happens going forward, we sure are going to miss the great amenities that Cask 307 has, from wine from the tap to great meals paired with your wine. It's something special and let's hope that someone is planning to take over the business with at least a similar plan.

What are you going to miss most about Cask 307?

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