Those providing tricks and treats for kids this Halloween have the opportunity to help kids all over the world. Students from the Laramie Montessori School have been provided donation boxes for UNICEF, a group dedicated to helping children everywhere.

Christy Leonard helped in organizing the event with the school. She says this is a fun way for kids to give back. Leonard says 50 UNICEF donation boxes were handed out to families in the school. When trick-or-treating, the students will not only get to receive their tricks and/or treats, they may even collect donations to help others. Donations are not expected or required, and students at the school are not required to participate, says Leonard.

While many areas across the country have seen this national trick-or-treat campaign, it is a fairly new one for Laramie. Leonard hopes that participation this year may help people in recognizing the cause, and hopes that next year even more families will participate.

Leonard says all donations are appreciated. Many people find the donations a great way to rid themselves of pocket change while making a difference.

Trick-or-treat for UNICEF has been in the United States for about 60 years. In that time, nearly $160 million has been raised by children going door-to-door.

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