The City of Laramie, Parks and Recreation Department and the Union Pacific Railroad have scheduled the closure of the one-and-a-half-mile southern loop of the Laramie Greenbelt Trail, south of Interstate 80, from Monday, July 16th to Friday, July 20th.

The closure is for routine phytoremediation studies – phytoremediation meaning the use of plants to clean up contaminants in an environment. During this time heavy equipment will be crossing the pathway regularly and making the area unsafe for users.

Laramie residents can access the Greenbelt trail at the Laramie River Greenbelt Trailhead off of Garfield Street and Optimist Park. Only the southern loop of the trail will be closed. Users will still be able to access the bridge crossing the Laramie River near TriHydro Corporation to preserve the east-west trail connection from West Laramie to the West Side and the Historic Downtown.

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