The Laramie Police Department responded to a bomb threat downtown Thursday received by manufacturer, Metrohm Raman.

LPD posted to Facebook around 1:37 p.m. Thursday that officers had closed off access to the 400 block of South 2nd St. because of the threat.

Police updated about 15 minutes later that "the location of the bomb threat was searched and the threat was determined to be false." Officers re-opened the roadway at that time.

A Human Resources representative for Metrohm Raman said the threat came via email and demanded money.

News outlets across the state and U.S. reported similar threats Thursday made via email, including to numerous businesses in Cheyenne and one at West Elementary School in Wheatland, WY. So far, no threats around the state have been found to be credible.

Metrohm Raman said they were not aware of the similarity of the threat to others around the state and nation until LPD informed them after clearing the area.

The LPD Facebook post added "the New York City Police Department said the threats sent Thursday were meant to cause disruption and compel recipients into sending money and are not considered credible."

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