The Laramie Weekend Movie Forecast is written by Robert Roten, creator of the Laramie Movie Scope website.

The weekend movie weather is unchanged.  New movies are expected to do well, this weekend, but that big summer action movie blockbuster hasn't arrived yet.  The Wolverine wasn't it.

The Wolverine turns out to be less popular than other films in the Marvel Comics' X-Men series.  It rates a "C+."

This week has the police action film 2 Guns, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.  Early reviews indicating it rates a "C+."  The new animated film, aimed at kids, The Smurfs 2, rates a "D+."

Returning to Laramie this weekend is one of the best reviewed films in wide release fo 2013, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

The Free Summer Film Series at the Albany County Library continues Sunday night at 7:00 pm with a Spanish Language comedy set in Uruguay, The Pope's Toilet.  This is a movie about a man in a small village where the Pope is about to visit.  He hopes to profit from rich tourists by building a fancy pay toilet.

The best holdovers from last week are Despicable Me 2, RED 2, Turbo and The Conjuring.

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