The City of Laramie mosquito control will begin mosquito fogging in residential and other areas Wednesday evening, June 14, weather permitting.

Mosquito fogging begins once surveillance shows a threshold has been reached, in order to control nuisance mosquitoes, according to a City of Laramie news release.

Keith Wardlaw, mosquito control crew supervisor, said the surveillance is done daily  to determine if the fogging is required.

"The fogging is dependent on the surveillance that we do on a daily basis," he said.  "Right now we are seeing numbers in our surveillance traps that are near or above the threshold that we set to start controlling those adult mosquitoes."

The applications are scheduled to take place between the hours of 9 p.m. and 4 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. The fogging crews will be applying Zenivex E4 in residential areas, parks, recreation areas, and on the Laramie River Greenbelt Trail. It will be applied at 1.3 ounces per acre.

Wardlaw said pets and other animals will not be affected and that Laramie residents can bring their pets into the house if they wish, but that it should not harm them.

"The product that we are using has a very low toxicity for animals and it will not be an issue under normal circumstances," he said. "We would just caution folks to stay away form the fog trucks if you do see them."

Wardlaw said truck operators will turn off the fog if they see people out in their yards or in doorways.

The city provides the mosquito control application schedules daily via the mosquito control and integrated Pest Management Hotline at 721-5056. It is updated daily at 4 p.m. and also lists and chemical application made by the City of Laramie parks division crews.

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