A man charged with strangling someone he lived with did not deny the allegation Wednesday in Albany County District Court.

Jesus Antonio Gomez, 34, entered a no contest plea to one count of strangulation of a household member. He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, but prosecutors agreed as part of a plea bargain to recommend a sentence of three to five years in prison with no fine.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell said in court Wednesday that Gomez could face other consequences when he serves out his sentence, as he is not a legal U.S. resident.

"You would almost certainly be deported," said Donnell. "You will not be allowed back in the country."

Gomez was arrested following a police investigation that began when the Albany County Safe Project reported contacted the Laramie Police Department regarding a domestic disturbance.

According to court documents, Gomez punched and strangled the victim in her residence shortly after midnight on Nov. 26. The victim's employer photographed the victim's injuries when she reported to work Nov. 27, and a Laramie police officer later reviewed those pictures.

Gomez said in court Wednesday he and the victim were both high on methamphetamine and cocaine that night, and the physical attack erupted from a verbal argument.

Gomez was held on a $10,000 cash bond, but prosecutor Kurt Britzius asked Donnell to revoke bond in the matter due to an immigration hold placed on Gomez.

Donnell ordered Gomez remanded to custody pending sentencing.

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