Nearly 30 people from the University of Wyoming and Laramie community met in Prexy's Pasture on UW at 11:00 a.m. to demonstrate in honor of 'A Day Without A Woman', a nationwide demonstration staged today.

Andrea Creighton, a UW Student, organized the demonstration along with the group she founded, Laramie Huddle. Creighton said Laramie Huddle is a nonpartisan community group dedicated to increasing civic engagement in the Laramie.

Creighton said that Laramie Huddle was inspired by the national 'A Day Without a Woman' demonstration and decided to host their own demonstration on campus.

"We realized not everyone, especially students, can strike," Creighton said. "Such a strike may actually just damage student's experience more so than make a statement. So we put this event together so people can demonstrate, kind of at the last minute."

On the Facebook page for the event, Laramie Huddle says other ways individuals can participate in 'A Day Without a Woman' is to take a day off paid and unpaid labor, Avoid shopping for one day with exceptions for small, women and minority-owned businesses, and to wear red to show their support.

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