Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee confirmed Tuesday that errors were made by her office in the calculation of Republican and Democratic precinct committee people at last year’s primary election.

Lee says the miscalculations affected 22 of the county's 61 precincts -- 10 precincts for the Republican Party and 12 for the Democratic Party.

"The errors resulted in some precincts electing one too many committee positions and others being short one," Lee said in a press release. "No other races were involved."

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Lee says the mistake was brought to her attention last week by a political party member in another county, and she has met with the Laramie County chairs of the two parties to inform them of the mistake and of measures that will be put in place next year to confirm the accuracy of the calculations.

"The Clerk’s office deeply regrets this error," said Lee. "We work closely with the political parties throughout the election process and will continue to do so to ensure our elections are conducted with accuracy, transparency, and integrity."

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