The Laramie Clean Up Day will be taking place from May 1–15.

Anyone who would like cleaning up Laramie’s winter windblown trash may call 721-5285 to coordinate a cleanup location and time.

You can choose from one of the major areas or you may choose another area that you would like to see cleaned up.

The primary clean up areas are as follows:

  • Interstate 80 Exit 310 (Curtis Street)
  • Curtis Street from west side of bridge west of 3rd Street to Exit 310
  • McCue Street from Curtis Street to Lyon Street
  • Interstate 80 Exit 311 (Snowy Range Road)
  • Interstate 80 Exit 313 (3rd Street)
  • Grand Avenue from Sherman Hill Road to Wister Drive
  • Spring Creek

If you need trash bags and/or vests, they will be available from 7:30-9:00 am on the front steps of City Hall on Saturday, May 1 and May.

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