Circuit Court Judge Randal Arp has set a trial date in early October for a former University of Wyoming student who is accused of making a threatening Facebook Post against herself, then lying to police about it.

Meg Lanker-Simons is charged with misdemanor interference with a peace officer. She has plead not guilty to that charge.

Judge Arp, during a hearing on Thursday, also decided on a motion that had been filed by Lanker-Simons' defense team requesting to suppress evidence in the case.  Defense Attorney Vaughn Neubauer had written, in a pre-trial motion, that a search warrant obtained for Lanker-Simons' personal laptop computer was insufficent, and requested the evidence collected from that laptop be supressed.  Judge Arp denied the motion.

The allegations against Lanker-Simons are that abusive statements, written about her on the “UW Crushes” Facebook page, were actually written by Lanker-Simons herself. She is further alleged to have lied to police about writing the post, leading to the misdemeanor charge of “interference.”

Lanker-Simons' trial date is set for October 9th.

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