Who controls the traffic signal at the corner of Boulder and Beech/Knowledge Way? While the light in and out of the student parking lot may need to be longer at times, but the red on Boulder seems to be way too long at slow traffic times.


"The signal is controlled by the city. There have been some electrical issues with the light currently being resolved under warranty. These issues had the signal operate in recall and flash modes.

The timing for the signal is set up so that Boulder will stay green until there is a vehicle detected coming from Beech or Knowledge Way. Once it meets the minimum and there are no vehicles detected coming from those directions, the light will change to green on Boulder. If there are constant vehicles coming from those directions (east and west), it will only run the maximum time. There is also a minimum and a maximum green time for Boulder Drive. If there are constant vehicles on Boulder and a vehicle sitting on Beech Street, it will run its maximum time and then change to allow other traffic to flow. If there is no traffic on the east or west streets, Boulder will stay green.

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