If you're looking forward to getting outside and enjoying an actual event and you love you some Chris LeDoux, I have great news for you. Chris LeDoux Days is on for this June.

The official Chris LeDoux Days Facebook page dropped this great news recently.

In case you can't see the status update on your device, the official Chris LeDoux website confirmed the return of Chris LeDoux Days this summer:

We are gearing up for our re-ride of the 10th Annual Chris LeDoux Days! The event will be held June 18-19th, 2021 in Kaycee, Wyoming. We are still finalizing a few details but will be announcing the schedule and concert lineup very soon! Stay tuned, and we hope to see you all soon!

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Not a lot is certain at this point including the concert lineup, etc. But, you can officially put June 18 and June 19 on your calendar for a mandatory trip to Kaycee, Wyoming to celebrate the legend.

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