Wyoming always seems to end up as the butt of jokes on talk shows. Why out of all the 50 states, we get picked on the most, is beyond me.

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Last night's episode of the CBS talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, saw the crew discussing marijuana, in particular, edibles. At about the 1:50 mark of the video (shown below), Corden mentions how cannibis gummies used to taste like dirt, but now he enjoys them more for the taste than the THC aspects. His co-host, Ian Karmal then gave his explanation why they should taste bad, which is where the Wyoming jab is placed.

Ian said:

They should taste bad. They shouldn't be good. It shouldn't taste just like a peach ring, cause you have one, and then you get really stoned, and then all you want to do is eat more peach rings, and then eight days later you wake up in Wyoming.

Well played, sir. The joke got a decent laugh out of the crowd, as most Cowboy State quips often do. We just wish more comedians would go back to using states like Utah and West Virginia disparaging comments. Feel free to forget about our little slice of heaven.

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