The Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police inducted four retired lawmen into its Hall of Fame during a Wednesday afternoon ceremony at the Wyoming Capitol.

Former Rawlins Police Chief Mike Reed, former Albany County Sheriff Jim Pond, former Torrington Police Chief Billy Janes, and former Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick (pictured left to right) were recognized for their service to the people of Wyoming.

WASCOP's website states, "Nominees must have had an impact beyond the community they served and their influence must have been recognized statewide."

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Cheyenne Police Chief Mark Francisco and Captain David Janes, Billy Janes' son, were selected to help read the inductions highlighting each man’s significant contributions.

Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook
Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook

And as a special note, Janes got to induct his father, whose footsteps he's been following since he was born.

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