The Wyoming Highway Patrol says driver fatigue may be to blame for a single-vehicle rollover crash that left two Washington residents dead.

The crash happened sometime around 3 o'clock yesterday morning, Oct. 16, at milepost 44.6 on Interstate 90, about 11 miles northwest of Buffalo.

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According to a fatality crash summary, 55-year-old Sonja Foote and 52-year-old Ricki Foote were headed west in a Chevrolet pickup and were passing the on-ramp at exit 44 where I-90 intersects with U.S. 87/Wyoming 193 when Sonja drove off the right side of the interstate and the front passenger side of the pickup struck the end of a guardrail.

The impact caused the pickup to rotate clockwise over the top of the guardrail, trip, and roll down a steep embankment.

The pickup bottomed out on its passenger side and continued to roll approximately three times, crossing U.S. 87/Wyoming 193 before coming to rest on its wheels in a paved approach to a private land access.

Sonja and Ricki were wearing their seat belts and remained inside the pickup, but neither survived their injuries.

The summary says the crash was located by a commercial driver who had taken the westbound exit, but no one witnessed it happen.

The Footes are the 112th and 113th people to die on Wyoming's highways in 2023, compared to 107 in 2022, 92 in 2021, 107 in 2022, and 129 in 2019 to date.

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