A 33-year-old Cheyenne man is facing felony drug charges following a traffic stop in north central Cheyenne.

According to a booking sheet, Regis Lawrence Adams was stopped at the intersection of Converse Avenue and East Pershing Boulevard during the early morning hours of Sept. 21 after police spotted his hoodless car, which they had previously stopped on Sept. 8, fail to signal a turn from Dell Range Boulevard to Converse Avenue.

Police say Adams had his driver's license suspended and currently still does.

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Police say the odor of raw marijuana was coming from inside Adams' car and there was a large bag of suspected marijuana on the floorboard behind the driver's side seat.

Adams was subsequently arrested and he and his car searched.

He reportedly had a small jeweler's baggie with suspected cocaine in the pocket of his jeans and a small purse in his car which contained a large amount of jeweler's baggies and a scale with suspected narcotics residue on it.

Police say during his pat down at the jail, a $100 bill was located in his sock with approximately one gram of suspected marijuana which was taken past the booking doors after Adams stated he had no additional narcotics on him.

Adams was charged with felony possession with intent to deliver, felony possession of marijuana, misdemeanor possession of cocaine, and driving while under suspension.

He's currently out of jail on a $2,500 cash bond and is scheduled to be back in Laramie County Circuit Court for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 4 at 2 p.m.

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