Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee on Friday announced that ''Virtual Integrated Candidate," or VIC, will not be allowed on the Primary Election Candidate for Mayor of Cheyenne.

Instead, Victor Miller, the man who registered VIC, will be listed as a candidate.

In announcing her decision, Lee released a statement that included the following:

''Wyoming law, to eliminate voter confusion, may allow the name by which a candidate is generally known to be printed on the ballot. Laramie County elector Victor Miller is not generally known as VIC. Victor Miller, through countless interviews and statements to media, has consistently maintained a distinction between himself as a “meat avatar” and separate from the AI-program he chooses to call VIC. To allow VIC to be listed as a candidate would both violate Wyoming law and create voter confusion. VIC is not a registered voter. Therefore, VIC cannot run for office in Wyoming and the name does not appear on Laramie County’s official ballot.''

While the decision was Lee's as Laramie County Clerk, Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray had earlier said he didn't believe an Artificial Intelligence candidate is eligible to run for office under Wyoming election law either.

So it appears that the VIC issue has been settled, at least for 2024.

But Would You Consider Voting For An AI Candidate?

But just for the heck of it, we were wondering if the voters would consider such a candidate if it was allowed.

We want to be clear. We are NOT questioning the legality of the decision regarding VIC. We aren't legal scholars and we don't play that role online.

But the concept is interesting. AI is playing an increasing role in our everyday lives. Would you consider voting for artificial intelligence over human candidates if that choice was allowed?

Some would argue that Artificial Intelligence would make purely rational decisions not clouded by emotions or bias.

Then again..maybe emotions have a place in decision-making. And what about the fear that Artificial Intelligence threatens to take over someday? It may sound like the plot of a science fiction movie. But Sci-Fi has become a reality before

Either way..take our poll and give us your opinion!

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