A proposal that would ban most plastic bags in Cheyenne will be considered by the Cheyenne City Council.

The measure, sponsored by Councilman Richard Johnson, would also place a 10-cent-a-bag fee on reusable paper bags. Half of the money generated by those fees would go to the city, the other half to the retail outlet.

There would be several exemptions to the bag ban, including for such things as trash bags. You can read more about the proposed ban and hear an interview with Councilman Johnson here.

The idea is not a new one. There is a statewide ban on such bags in Colorado, and Jackson also has such a ban.  Over 200 counties across the country and several other US states have some restrictions on the bags in place. Supporters of such bans argue that the bags are a big environmental problem, taking up to 1,000 years or more to degrade. They also say plastic emits poisonous gasses as it degrades.

Specific to Cheyenne, Richard Johnson says the bags add 250 tons per day to the Cheyenne landfill.

Opponents argue that the problem is exaggerated and is yet another example of government overreach into people's lives. Some also say it imposes an unneeded hardship on consumers when inflation is already making things hard for the average person.

So what do you think? Do you support or oppose banning single-use plastic bags? Or do you feel like you need more information before deciding? Take our poll and give us your opinion!


Earlier this week we asked whether people support decriminalizing marijuana in Wyoming. Here are the results of that poll:

Legalize it completely 56.82% 608 Votes

No.                                 22.15% 237 votes

Yes                                 12.52 percent 134 votes


Legalize medical marijuana only 8.50 percent 91 votes

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