The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning about the possibility of severe thunderstorms in southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle today.

The agency posted this statement on it's Facebook page:

Folks in the Nebraska Panhandle and eastern plains of southeast Wyoming could see severe thunderstorms once again today. A Slight Risk area has been expanded north to cover Cheyenne County (Sidney, Potter, Dalton and Lodgepole), with a Marginal Risk across the rest of the Nebraska Panhandle into southeast Wyoming. Large hail will be the primary hazard with these storms today, along with strong downburst winds. Tornadoes are unlikely, but cannot be ruled out. Best timing for these severe storms are from 2 PM to 8 PM this evening.

May 24 Landspout Spirals Over Cheyenne

A landspout - a type of tornado that is "smaller and weaker than tornadoes produced by supercells" appeared within city limits on May 24, 2023, shocking residents. The spout was visible over Dell Range Blvd. In response to the spout, F.E. Warren Air Force Base issued a warning on the base urging occupants to seek shelter.

Several Cheyenne residents captured the landspout on camera. Did you see the would-be twister appear over Cheyenne?