It may seem like warnings and advisories for various types of severe weather are almost a daily occurrence this time of year, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them, according to the Laramie County Sheriff's Office.

The agency posted the following on its Facebook page, along with the photo shown above:

''Tornado took down several power poles and severely damaged one home 16 miles north of Burns. Thankfully, the family took cover in the basement and were not injured. Please pay attention to weather alerts. Storm went to Nebraska."

While the more populated areas of southeast Wyoming have mostly avoided severe twisters lately, that hasn't been the case everywhere in the state. A tornado near a coal mine in Campbell County on Friday injured eight people and blew some vehicles and rail cars.

Dangerous tornadoes are certainly not unknown in southeast Wyoming. A 1979 twister in Cheyenne killed 1 person and injured 40 while damaging 200 homes.

While tornadoes tend to be the most extreme severe weather during the summer months in the Cowboy State, they certainly aren't the only concern. A 2016 hail storm in Pine Bluffs caused extensive damage and was said to have hit every building in town with at least a broken window or two.

Flash flooding and lightning-caused wildfires can be problematic as well. And while the wind is a given in Wyoming, gusts of 80-plus miles an hour are bit much even for here and can cause property damage and even car accidents.

Long-time residents and natives take it all in stride, but knowledge of possible hazards is better than simply ignoring the weather and hoping for the best.

Tornadoes Spotted North of Casper

June 23rd, 2023

May 24 Landspout Spirals Over Cheyenne

A landspout - a type of tornado that is "smaller and weaker than tornadoes produced by supercells" appeared within city limits on May 24, 2023, shocking residents. The spout was visible over Dell Range Blvd. In response to the spout, F.E. Warren Air Force Base issued a warning on the base urging occupants to seek shelter.

Several Cheyenne residents captured the landspout on camera. Did you see the would-be twister appear over Cheyenne?

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