Wednesday's cold and cloudy weather saw many turning the air conditioning off and cranking up the heat.

According to the National Weather Service in Cheyenne, several locations across southeast Wyoming and western Nebraska, including Cheyenne, set new "low maximums" for the day.

The capital city topped out at a chilly 57 degrees, 3 degrees cooler than the previous record lowest max temperature for July 5, and a whopping 26 degrees colder than normal.

Record "low maximums" were recorded at several sites on a cool July day. See graphic for details.

The NWS says a warmer day is expected today, with temperatures rebounding by 5 to 10 degrees in most areas.

There is also a slight risk of severe weather this evening, with the biggest threat being large hail, with strong winds and heavy rain.

430am, July 6th- There is a Slight Risk (Level 2 of 5) for severe weather today (July 6th) across southeast Wyoming and the western Nebraska Panhandle. This will be a evening and overnight event with storms likely forming around 5 pm and continuing through the early morning hours Friday. All modes of severe weather are possible with the biggest threat being large (greater than 2 inch) hail, with strong winds and heavy rain. As always, make sure to have multiple ways to receive warnings to ensure that you are prepared!

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