As the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service issued a series of tornado warnings for Laramie County as well as other areas of southeast Wyoming, Cheyenne residents posted a series of photos of tornado activity.

Cheyenne's emergency sirens were activated shortly after 4 p.m., and a series of tornado warnings continued to be issued over the next couple of hours for locations around southeast Wyoming, including Laramie and areas of Laramie County.

Aleana Kornelson took the photo above of tornado activity south of Cheyenne:

Meanwhile. Nicolle Williams Rodgers snapped a picture of a landspout that she saw near F.E. Warren Air Force Base

Canva/Nicole Rodgere Williams
Canva/Nicolle Williams Rodgers

As of 6 p.m., there were no known reports of serious damage or injuries from tornadoes.

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