Cheyenne attorney Cassandra  ''Cassie" Craven has been publicly censured by the Wyoming Supreme Court, according to a news release from the Wyoming State Bar.

The release says the censure was issued for a lack of diligence in representing a client and for revealing harmful confidential information.

According to the release, Craven had represented the client in a criminal case and was hired by the same person to file for divorce. The release says Craven delayed filing the case for several months despite repeatedly being asked about it. When the divorce case still had not been filed nine months later, the client told Craven that she didn't want her to represent her anymore in either the criminal case or the divorce.

The release says that when Craven filed a motion to withdraw from the criminal case. her motion needlessly revealed confidential information harmful to the client for no valid legal reason.

When the office of Bar Counsel started an investigation of Craven, she admitted to failing to file the divorce case and to revealing the confidential information.

Craven also refunded the fees she had charged the client without being asked to do so.

In deciding that Craven should be punished by a censure rather than a more severe punishment the court took into consideration several factors in her favor, including her clean disciplinary record,  that she made restitution, that she didn't act out of any selfish motives, and that she showed remorse.

In addition to the censure, the court ordered Craven to pay $750 in administrative fees and $50 to the office of Bar Counsel.

You can read the official censure here.

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