The Wyoming AARP is warning people about a new scam that features fake alerts from banks that are designed to steal people's personal or financial information.

That's according to the Wyoming AARP March Scam Alert message. According to the post:

''These scams start with a phone call, email or text that appears to come from your financial institution. These spoofed communications carry urgent warnings about problems with an account or transaction and direct you to click a link or call a given number. "

It's important to remember that con artists can now "spoof' phone numbers to make it look like they are coming from a legitimate source, such as your bank.

The post says the best way to defend yourself against the scam is to call or contact your bank in a way that you know to be safe, such as calling them via their regular business phone number. Do not, under any circumstances, click on a link that you receive without verifying that it is actually from your bank.

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