Bundle up, SE Wyoming - this weekend will feel more like autumn than August. The Cheyenne office of the National Weather Service forecasts a chilly turn to the forecast, with high temperatures in portions of SE Wyoming only reaching the low 70s and overnight lows projected to reach only the high 40s to low 50s.

Weekend Weather Brings Autumnal Preview to SE Wyoming

The leaves may not be falling this weekend, but across SE Wyoming, the weather will certainly feel more like fall. NWS reports that "in the wake of a cold front," much of the region will see brisk weather. You may want to pack an umbrella and a sweater during your weekend adventure, folks.


Cheyenne will see colder temps over the weekend but will return to summer weather early into next week. Sunday is projected to have the coldest temp over the weekend, reaching only around 69 degrees with overnight lows around 49 degrees.

Get the full extended Cheyenne forecast here.

Pine Bluffs

Pine Bluffs will see chilly August weather during their Trail Days celebration. Sunday will be the coldest, with temps reaching around 69 degrees. There's a chance of showers over the weekend.

Get the full Pine Bluffs extended forecast here.


The area near Rawlins will see temps into the low to mid-70s on Saturday and Sunday. Chance of showers over the weekend.

Get the full Saratoga extended forecast here.


Torrington will have some of the warmest temps in SE Wyoming for the weekend, reaching the mid to high-70s throughout and 80 degrees by Monday.

Get the full Torrington extended forecast here.

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