From the stage of the Opry to the Super Bowl, with a legacy forty years in the making, Tanya Tucker is the stuff country music legends are made of. With accolades including Country Music Awards, the prestigious Grammy trophy, and Gold-certified albums, her resume earns her nothing short of Country Music Royal status. And now, she's heading to Cheyenne.

Tanya Tucker Comes to Cheyenne's Lincoln Theatre

Tanya is on the road for her Sweet Western Sound Tour, which just so happens will be making a stop in Cheyenne on July 6, 2024. What better way to prime yourself up for rodeo season in SE Wyoming than jamming out to Tanya's western-to-the-core music?

Tickets for Tanya's show go on sale on Friday, April 19. Tickets are $45, and $1 from each ticket supports Farm Aid. Click here for more details on purchasing tickets.

Here's a taste of what to expect at the show:

"Outlaws. Movie stars. Washed out rodeo cowboys. Songwriters. Fashion designers. Guitar pickers. Real people. Late-night denizens. Superbowl Half-Time shows. Studio 54. Honky Tonks. Sedona. The Opry. Austin. Music City. New York City. Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall. Awards in the ‘70s, ‘90s, and ‘20s, #1 records in every decade but the 2010s. Only Tanya Tucker can claim a resume like that: one long on living, not judging, creating, not looking back. When 2019’s acclaimed While I’m Livin’ won the GRAMMY for Best Country Album, and its poignant single “Bring My Flowers Now,” not only won Best Country Song but was also nominated in the all-genre Song of the Year category, it was a powerful statement about authenticity, about staying powerful and about greatness. But that doesn’t always make the follow-up any easier. Tanya Tucker has seen, done and been places most people can’t imagine and she’s done it at a pace that would kill mere mortals. A child thrust into stardom with a series of precocious hits, the iconic “Delta Dawn,” “Would You Lay With Me,” and “Blood Red & Goin’ Down,” among them, she then released a pair of wild and brash rock records at 18, then returned to country music in her 20s to ultimately take the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year Award in 1991. Along the way, she’s been a cutting horse champion, played dives, arenas, stadiums, and the Houston Rodeo, created headlines, and wrung out the absolute last drop out of every moment. And that approach to living is what makes her new album, Sweet Western Sound (Fantasy) such a tour du force. "

Check Out Some of Tanya's Greatest Hits:

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