Usually, I have my Valentine's Day gift list made by now. But this year has been nuts! I hadn't even thought about cards, candy, or cupids until I walked into Walmart yesterday.

Yes, Valentine's Day has officially invaded the aisles of Walmart. But, strolling through the Valentine's Day aisle, I found myself...unimpressed by the options. So, I thought, why not do something fun and different?

If you're looking for a unique and fun way to enhance your Valentine's Day gift - I've got the inside scoop on an adorable way to spice up your love letters and cards! Why not send them from the Sweetheart City itself...a.k.a Loveland, Colorado?

How to Send Valentine's from Loveland (Without Driving to Colorado.)

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You won't have to drive to a Loveland post box to get your letters, and Valentine's cards stamped. Laramie and Cheyenne residents can drop Valentine's Day cards and letters to select locations around town to send their loved ones a valentine from Loveland starting January 16. Just make sure to follow the below instructions, so your letter makes it to the city of love:

1. Write your Valentine and seal it up in the envelope.

2. Address your card to your loved one. All cards must be self-addressed with proper postage.

3. Drop off your card. Valentine's Cards dropped off at the select locations below will receive a special stamp verifying that the Valentine passed through Loveland, Colorado, on the way to its recipient.

Valentine's Box Drop-Off Locations:

Drop off your Valentine’s card by Feb. 6 at any of these locations to ensure it gets the Loveland stamp.


  • ACPE Federal Credit Union, 2835 Grand Avenue
  • Premier Bone & Joint Centers, 1909 Vista Drive
  • UniWyo (you-nuh-why-oh) Federal Credit Union, 2020 Grand Avenue & UW Campus locations
  • Clure Brothers Furniture, 509, S. 2nd Street


  • Premier Bone & Joint Centers, 7226 Commons Drive
  • UniWyo (you-nuh-why-oh) Federal Credit Union, 5249 Yellowstone
  • Underwood Flowers & Gifts, 2121 Central Ave.

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